About Us

We love working with small businesses, startups or any business ideas looking for digital transformation. We are extremely fond of passionate hustlers and we are one too! If you belong to this league, we can imagine how much you care about your business and we love to know your story. We are a creative duo with hands-on experience in tech and marketing. WE ARE MILLENNIALS and so you know we grew up along with the internet!   


As the internet is a huge space in itself, launching your product/service online can seem an overwhelming task. While the whole world is being digitally equipped, we understand the need to have a business up & running online, because this is where most of your customers are searching for you and your product/services.


We say "Just Relax"! The whole process of having an online presence might look tricky and out of your league when you start off! We got your back! We help you in transforming your business from offline to online or build a strong brand from scratch and attract more customers to your business. We believe every small or medium sized business ( whichever part of the world it belongs ) deserves to be digital savvy and internet isn't just the game for biggies.

The Team


Co-Founder - Design The Vibe

Digital Consultant & Content Creator


Skills: Content Marketing, Brand Strategy, Social Media Marketing, UX Research.

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Co-Founder - Design The Vibe

Tech Consultant 

Skills: iOS engineer, Web Design & Development, ChatBOT ( AI ) development.

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