As rightly said ‘A fit mind in a fit body’, Annapurna Fitness Academy as a brand emphasizes one’s physical wellness by delivering the best fitness, relaxation and rejuvenation activities to the masses. Keeping these factors in mind, we wrote a concept that symbolizes

1. The prominence of the brand and its name.
2. The mass target audience(youth, elderly, kids)

3. Needs of the audience - Physical Wellness


The Story Behind the Logo Design


In our research about all the services the academy provides, Wellness, Happiness, Joyfulness, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation are the common elements between them. The logo for such a brand must connect to all of these elements.



The insignia represents a shape of letter ‘A’ and a tiny human represents a ‘HAPPY AND PEACEFUL YOU’(audience) in the House of Annapurna Fitness Academy. Physical wellbeing just does not represent being physically fit but even mentally strong, happy and accept life with joy.


Since the logo justifies for all the age groups, the branding clearly speaks out that ‘Each of You(member) is special and anyone can embrace us to stay fit, happy, relaxed and joyful.

In short, the logo signifies ‘The House of Annapurna Fitness Academy is complete only with joyfulness of  YOU(human)’.




Annapura Fitness Academy

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