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The first ever BOT made in coffee industry! PanduBOT is an innovative chatbot developed by Design The Vibe to a family owned Coffee Retailers in South India. 


A Chatbot is a virtual assistant built on Artificial Intelligence through software programs that can interact with customers through textual methods. 


The client requirement was to optimize the customer service interaction on Facebook and also sell various blends of coffee and other products on Facebook Messenger itself. Since there were plenty of customers messaging on their Facebook page verifying on issues like order delivery dates, prices and information about filter coffee. On a day-to-day basis, it was difficult to keep up with customer replies which impacted the customer experience. 


PanduBot now is available 24/7 on Panduranga Coffee Works Facebook Messenger answering to almost all customer queries and even works as an e-commerce shop for those wishing to buy coffee instantly. 


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