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In our research about the kind of elements that constitute the business of bullion, Richness, Safe Future Investment, Purity in making and Quality Assurance are the most common connects. The logo for such a brand must connect all these elements.

The insignia represents a shape of a “Crown”, a “Shield” and brand initials “RC” placed between the brand name “Royal Crest”. Crown for Royalty and the Shield marks the excellence in quality of the metals. The magnificence of this logo explains the brand’s core values – Majestic Treasure with a Quality of Excellence. The Crown symbolizes the richness of the business and the shield is the hallmark of a promise of quality and trust. The insignia placed between the brand name symbolizes as the metal with high value reserved in a crest and how the brand is trustworthy and protective of its core values.




Royal Crest is a firm which deals with bullion, specializing in trading of gold and silver biscuits based on lively pricing.

Being a company which facilities investment on precious metals, we wrote a concept that symbolizes on

1.The prominence of the brand and its name.

2. The consumer's perception or criteria while buying precious metals are

a. A Splendid Purchase

b. Royal Investment for Future

c. Shield of Excellence ( in quality ) 

Royal Crest

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